Neighbors of Henry Antes

Beans’ Hist. of Montgomery County,  Chap. LV, Frederick Twp. 1884


Total taxable acreage in Frederick twp in 1734  - 2577 acres

Number of landowners in tax list     - 23

Number of non-landholding taxables     - 19

Average size of landholding     -      112 acres


Barsteller, Adam

On the 1734 Frederick list of taxables for 25 acres. 


Dederer, John Ludwig

Arrived on the ship Molley in Phila. From Rotterdam and signed the declaration on 9.30.1727. Settled in Frederick Twp. No acreage in the Frederick taxable list of 1734.


Dodderer, Georg Philip 

1709 – G-4-318, 5.10.1720 – H-1-616 2.2.1725 – F-2-3291/2

1.8.1734 – A-10-312 Bean indicates a purchase of 100 acres on 12.22.1722 and on 2.2.1725, another 50 a. These tracts adjoined and were located on the banks of Society Run.  Also from the proprietaries,100 acres adjoining the two previous tracts on 5.29.1734. Listed as  150 acres in 1734.


G.P. Dodderer appears on the petition dated March 1, 1731, to erect Frederick Twp. He was a carpenter and died Nov, 6, 1741. His wife Veronica survived him until 1752. Conrad, his youngest son, succeeded to the estate and lived on it his entire life, dying in January, 1801.Another son was Hieronimus. In 1728, George Philipp was a Member of the consistory of the  Falkner Swamp Reformed Church. Children were Michael, Bernhard, who settled in New Hanover Twp., Anna Elizabeth, married first Michael Zimmerman and second, Jacob Koerr, Hieronymous, Barbara, married Jacob Markley of Skippack, and Conrad. 


Dodderer, Hieronymous

Son of George Philip, died 11.1727. his wife Catherine later married Michael Krause. He left two daughters, Veronica b. 1.7.1725, and Agnes, b. 2.14.1727. Veronica married Philip Yost and Agnes married Jost Bitting. Succeeded to Georg Philip’s estate and lived on it his entire life. 


Dotterer, Michael

5.10.1720 – H-1-616 1.24.1726 – F-3-482.

These two were bounded by Sprogell, M. Dodderer’s other land, Jacob Meyer, Hans Senseman,, Philip Dotterer, James Steele, the German tract line, and Hans Neues/Philip Dotterer.   Bean also has proprietary grant on 11.8.1734 of 50 acres. Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734.


Engelhardt, Ludwig

11.30.1728 – A-6-103

Two tracts, one bounded by William Passmore, Humphrey Hill and Peter ?iede?ar, the other lay next to henry Antes, Henry Hagerman in 1728, and by Henry Stadtler.Naturalized in April, 1743. Moved to Germantown where he died in 1783. Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734.


Fauth (Fautz?) Balthus

January, 1728, he was a bondsman on a bond given by Catherine Kraus, administratrix and widow of Hieronimus Dodderer, son of G.P. Dodderer. Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734.


Fauth, Jacob

6.26.1736 – E-8-216. Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734.

Tract, from Henry Pannebacker,  was bounded by Joseph Groff, George Peter Hertz,, Han Georg Swineherd, John Budd, Hans George Sprogel, and contained 50 acres. Bean also notes 50 acres from Morrey and Budd, 10.9.1728.


Frey, Andrew

From Andrew Frey’s “Authentic account, published in Germantown upon his return from Germany in 1747.  Andrew Frey associated of his own free will with the Moravians, but had misgivings about some of their practices. It was suggested that he go to Germany. He became a good friend with Spangenberg. At the third Penna. Synod, he was one of three chosen to direct the synod, and later was chosen by vote and by lot to be elder of the unmarried brethren, requiring a move to Bethlehem which he did not want to make. “Perceiving that I could not be modeled to serve their turn, they let me know that I should go to Germany.”  He arrived at Marienborn precisely at the height of the morbid religious fervor described by Moravians as “the sifting time.”  He describes lavish festival arrangements for the birthdays of Zinzendorf and his family members, of which he strongly disapproved, as well as the morbid and excessive practices of the time. He returned to Pennsylvania in 1747, strongly opposed to the Moravians. Andrew Frey was originally a Dunker. 

From Bean’s Hist. of Montgomery Co., 849.

Andrew Frey was originally of the Dunker Faith. He was never married, and he was not related to William Frey, who owned the property adjoining his in Frederick Township. 

August 5, 1718, he bought from David powell 200 acres of land located in Frederick Township. On May 1, 1728, he sold this to the following persons

Ludwig Englehardt 100 acres

Henry Stadler 50 acres

George Grouse 75 acres

Christopher Sheagle 28 acres

Bean 834

Andrew Frey was a mason.   


Frey, Wilhelm

Listed as taxable for 150 acres in 1734. Associated with the Moravians.  William’s daughter Veronica married Joseph Müller, who left the Dunkers to become Moravian.  


Funk, Martin

Listed as taxable for 160 acres in 1734.


Groff, Joseph

2.25.1738 – F-8-204

Bordered by Michael Herriger, George Peter Hartz and John Jacob Fautz. A weaver, he had prior to 4.1.1726, acquired a tract from 500 acres purchased by Michael Herger on 2.7.1717. 4.20.1734, he acquired by patent 200 acres on the west side of the Perkiomen, on which he erected a grist mill. Road petition 7.7.1737, for a road from “a grist mill lately erected by one Joseph Groff at ye upper end of sd township of Ffredick.” Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734.


Grubb, Henry

Bought 150 acres from David powell on 9.27.1718. Died 2.1726, leaving estate to his wife CatherineCatherine married Jacob Frick. She devised the estate to Henry Grubb Jr., resurveyed at 149 a. 11.11.1734 H.Grubb Jr. bought 62 ½ a. adjoining the plantation of his father. 4.26.1743, Grubb Jr. and wife Anna Maria conveyed ½ of the aforementioned two tracts to Conrad Grubb. (Bean 834)


Herger, Gottlieb

Listed as taxable for 80 acres in 1734.  A resident of Frederick Twp as late as 1755.  (Bean 833)


Herger, John

Resident in Frederick Twp., born in the Colonies on 5.6.1721, married Maria Salome, daughter of Frederick Reimer, died 12.5.1795. (Bean 833) 


Herger, John Michael

Listed as taxable for 200 acres in 1734. A weaver, he was of the Lutheran faith. 2.7.1717, he bought 500 a. from James Shattuck. 3.1.1726, he sold 80 a. to his son Gottlieb Herger. Same date he sold 120 a. to John George Sprogell, and he had previously sold to Martin Funk and Joseph Groff. Naturalized 5.19, 1739. Then moved to Conewago, where he died in 1740. His wife was Anna Margaret. (Bean 833)  


Kraus, Michael

Undated – I-12-255, 6.26.1736 – E-8-216

E-8-216 is for a mill in Limerick Twp on the North side of Swamp Creek which Kraus sold to Jost Bitting. Bean also shows a tract of 170 acres purchased on 10.9.1728 from Morrey and Budd. His wife was catherina, widow of Hieronimus Dodderer, son of G. P. Dodderer.


Kraus, Johann Jacob 

Listed as taxable for 150 acres in 1734. in the consistory of the Falkner Swamp reformed Church in 1742.


Kraus, Johann Georg 

Listed as taxable for 22 acres in 1734.  


Kunz, Georg Michael

Arrived in Philadelphia 9.24.1727. He noted in his bible “ Der 24sten September im Jahr 1727 ich, Georg Michael kuntz gesund in America in der Stadt Philadelphia ankommen.” He married Eve Englehardt, sister to Ludwig Englehardt, next door neighbor to Henry Antes, on 4.1.1732.  Listed as taxable for 150 acres in 1734.


Leydich, John Philip

Came to America  in 1748 with his wife Maria Catherina  (Hammichhaus), two children, Franz Leydich and Elizabeth Leydich and by two sisters of his wife, one who later married Caspar Achenbach an the other Andreas Sassaman. He was settle as pastor of the Falkner Swamp Reformed and its affiliated congregations. He bought 105 a. from Conrad Frick of Germantown on 10.16.1749. This was Ludwig Englehard’s tract bought from Andrew Frey on 5.1.1728. he was pastor here until 1765, when he was succeeded by Nicholas Pomp.  


Nyce, John

4.15.1736/7 – F-9-216. Bean says 9.21.1724, and plantation totaled 290 acres.. 

Will was probated 6.22.1743, Mary Nyce and Henry Antes, executors. Estate totaled £913 6s. George Nyce succeeded to the estate and was a tanner in Frederick twp. Listed as taxable for 200 acres in 1734. 


Reymer, Frederick

Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734. in the consistory of the Falkner Swamp Reformed Church in 1742.


Schietz, John George

An appraiser of the estate of Henry Grubb (1726, Owned land on the banks of Society Run previous to 1726.


Schmidt, Henrich

Listed as taxable for 80 acres in 1734. 


Schwenhart, Johann Georg

Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734. 


Sprogell, Johann Georg

Listed as taxable for 120 acres in 1734. 


Stettler, Henrich

Listed as taxable for 140 acres in 1734.  


Stottler, Christian

Listed as taxable for 50 acres in 1734.


Stover, Henrich

Listed as taxable for 100 acres in 1734


A History of the Lutheran church in Pennsylvania, 1638-1820.  Vol. I.

Schmauk, Theodore Emmanuel.

Philadelphia: General Council publication House, 1903. p. 220


March, 1723 petition for road from Oley to Limerick

We therefore humbly pray that there may be a road laid out from Limerick Township to go by Johathan Brooke’s house through the said Falkners Swamp and by Thomas Rutter’s Iron Mines and Thence to Oaley which we humbly conceive will be for the future most Beneficiall to Mr. John Penn’s mannor…

Lutheran at  Falkner’s  Swamp Lutheran Church

Gerhard Henkel (Pastor – 1717-1728) p. 144

 Elias Aff  (May 24, 1720, 150 a. from Sprogell) p. 147

John Benner HLCP  p. 148  tanner, probably one of the early Lutherans

Philip Brandt (resident, accompanied Muhlenberg, first trip to Swamp) p. 152

Hans Petter Cohnratt(Conrad) owned land 1718, d. 3.5.1765, 78 yrs p. 142

  1. 144

Jacob Geiger (b. 1694, d. 1772) p. 144

Valentine Geiger p.145

Martin Keblinger (m. Catrina Schneider, 6.?. 1732, 7 children) p. 151

Killian Kehl (May 24, 1720)

Kräps, (child, d. 1740)

Valentine Kuehler (3 children bap. By J.C. Stoever 10.3.1731) p.151

Johann Beneductus Muntz, (b. 1694, d. 1764) p. 144

Friedrich Reichert b. 1679, Augsberg, here probably before Henkel, d. 1748.  p. 148

Adam Wartman (bap. By J.C. Stoever, 1.12.1733) p. 151

Martin Zundler, d. 3,?.1751  p. 143


Road petitioners in the Swamp, 1723  p. 220 (all would be resident) 

Hans Yurg Arnolt

Andreas Bastien 

Mattheus Bender 

Henrich Bitting 

Martin Bitting 

Jacob Eiyster  

Jerg Eiyster 

Jacob Eppeli 

Filb Ehrhart 

Hermann Fischer 

Jacob Fischer 

Jacob Frey 

Christopel Funk 

Anton Jacob Henkel 

Jacob Herman 

Georg Hollenbach 

Caspar Kamb 

Christian Knopf 

Jacob Miller 

Hans Jerg Nieth 

John Renberg 

Mattheus Ringer 

Hans Adam Sauder 

Johannes Schneider 

Daniel Schoener

Adam Spengler 

Andreas Wagner 

Johan Gerg Wanner 

Johann Christoff Witman (bap. By J.C. Stoever, 9.3.1733) p. 151

Johann Leonhardt Zentler

Phillib Zittell 


Catechized by Muhlenbeg in 1743 in the Swamp p. 158

(not all resident in the Swamp, as some may have traveled 40 miles or so. p. 158)

(“In this year the congregation had 250 communicants. Some of these came from a great distance. “It is still remembered of one brother, Ritter by name, whose descendants are numerous in that neighborhood, that he used to go to church from a distance of 40 miles. Though he had many horses, he generally walked. About 10:00 PM on Saturday he started; by 10:00 AM on Sunday he was at the church. About two hours he worshipped in the sanctuary. (Note 187. The Rev. Leonard Groh D.D., who stated that he had members of 80 years of age who easily remembered some of the persons who were living in 1781.) 

Jacob and Johannes Äppele  (Jürg Beck’s step-sons).”

Johannes Nichol Gauger

Johannes Hill

Barbara Kurtzin (Hillebartin) and Magdalena Kurtzin (Adam Hillebart’s step daughters

Maria Barbara Moserin (daughter of widow Margretha Moserin)

Christoph Rothermel

Hans Jürg Rothermel

Johann Daniel Rothermel

Catherina Elizabeth Sauermilchen (died in infancy)

Maria Apellonia Sauermilchen

Gretha Barbara Schlägelin

Michael Schlonecker (son of Michael Schlonecker)

Anna Maria Schmidin (daughter of Siegmund Schmid’s daughter)

Daniel Schoener (son of Daniel Schoener)

Christopher Witman (son of Christopher Witman)

Abraham Wartman (son of Adam Wartman)


Baptized by Muhlenberg in 1744. p. 158 (first 5 in the record)

(not all resident in the Swamp, as some may have traveled 40 miles or so. p. 158)

John Frederick Albo, 2. 1744 (b. 11.7.1743) son of Valentine, sponsor: John Frederick Stengel

Johanna Kebner, 3.26.1744. daughter of Benedict. Sponsors: John Klein and Johanna Weichert 

John Henry Mill, 3. 5.1744 (b. 2.26.1744) son of John Jürg, sponsor: John Henry Schmidt

Sylvester Schlamfer, 3.5.1744 (b. 2.15.1744) son of Henry, sponsors: Sylvester Otto and (Miss) Catherine Reimar

John Matthias Schweinhardt (3.11.1744 (b. 2.17.1744)son of Jürg Michael and Leonora Magdalena, sponsors: john Michael Krumrein and John Philip Staufer


Overseers of the New Hanover Lutheran Church Property, 10.18.1743. p. 159

George Beck

George George

John George

Andrew Kepner, freeholders of New Hanover Township.


Peter Brunnholz

John Dieterich

John Frederick Handschuh

Matthias Heinzlman


Bell subscription list, 1748 (those not in an above list)  p. 163

Philip Anthony

Jacob Bauman

Jacob Beideman

Philip Beyer

Hannes Jurg Bingman

Conrad Boehm

Johannes Boehner

Martin Bullinger

Jurg Burchard

(?) Butterbinder

John Campbel

Johanna Christina and children

Daniel Christman

Ludwig Dedderer

Widow Diel

Mr. Fedele’s wife and children

Jurg Gansert

Jacob Geiger

Valentine Geiger

Nicolaus Grabiler

Simon Graf

Heinrich Handwerk

Heinrich Heilig

Albert Hillebart

Burchard Hofman

Matthias Hollebach

Widow Hollebach

Nicolaus Ickes       

Michael Joachim

Andreas Jurger

Jurg Jurger

Martin Jurger

Thomas Jurger

Veit Jurger

Andreas Kebner

Jurge Kehle

Heinrich Krebs    *

Michael Krumrein

Michael Kugler

Michael Kuhn

Heinrigh Kuntzman

Adam Kurtz

Michael Kurtz

Peter Lober

Paul Linsenbiegler

Johann Peter Marsteller

Friederich Meyer

Jacob Meyer (now deceased)

Widow Meyer

Paul Moser

Johann Nicol Muller

Michael Noll

Simon Peltz

Johann Nicol Pick

Caspar Reichard

Matthias Reichard

Johannes Reifschneider

Carl Reyer

Valentine Rupert

Friederich Schafer

Johannes Schimmel

Johannes Schlagel

Jurg Schoener

Melchior Schoener

Johannes Schultz

Widow Schunk

Johannes Seidel

Zucharias Setzler

Caspar Singer

Anna Elizabeth Hoppin Sprogel

Heinrich Statler

Friederich Stempel

Jurg Stoltz

Valentine Vogt

Michael Walter

Johann Jurg Weichard

Michael Weichel

Carl Witz



The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present

Henry S. Dotterer ed. 

Vol II, No. 6, Sept. 15, 1899. 


p.96. Samuel Bertolet of Frederick township

The first of the name to settle in Falkner Swamp was Samuel Bertolet, son of Abraham Bertolet of Oley, and grandson of Jean Bertolet the Hugenot immigrant who came in 1726. Samuel Bertolet, son of Abraham Bertolet and Elizabeth DeTurck, his wife, was born, in Oley, on the 14th of September, 1743. 

Upon the death of Jacob Frey the farm owned by him, in Frederick Township, passed into the possession of Samuel, passed into the possession of Samuel Bertolet, his son-in-law, and the stone house partially built by the deceased was completed and occupied by the new owner. 

Samuel Bertolet, during the latter years of the revolutionary war, purchased the large farm and the mill on Swamp Creek of Colonel Frederick Antes. He was prosperous in business, influential in his neighborhood and became wealthy. In his religious views he leaned towards the Mennonites, and led an earnest exemplary Christian life. He was s student of books, a promoter of religion, and an intelligent reflecting observer of the events in his time. 


Jesus is Female

Aaron Spencer Fogleman

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007


  1. 123) Lischy then continued on to … a popular preaching place at the house of Balthasar Ort, where he preached to a crowd of Reformed and Mennonites that came from up to 12 miles away to hear him.


The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania  Vol. 1 & 2. 

Julius Sachse

Philadelphia: Printed for the Author, 1899. 


  1. 79) The first practical result (revival among the Germans) was that, in the fall of 1722, peter Becker, accompanied by Johannes Gumre, Georg Balser Gansz, and one of the Traut brothers, who was also known by the name of Seckler, made a pilgrimage through the province to look up their former brethren who were now dispersed through the country.... The journey of these missionaries extended through the Skippack and Perkiomen Valleys to Falkner’s Swamp and Oley, thence to the Conestoga Valley, and returning by way of Coventry and the settlements along French Creek. 


  1. 90) …it was on the morning of Wednesday, December 25th, 1723, (Christmas day) that a number of German settlers, who had located within the bounds of the German township, wended their way toward the humble weaver’s shop where Conrad Beissel had served his apprenticeship, at the extreme end of the borough limits in what was known as Van Bebberstown. (p.91) ...there were present seventeen persons who had been baptized in Europe, viz. 

Peter Becker 

Johann Heinrich Traut (d. 1.4.1733 – GSP p. 275)

Balser Traut

Jeremias Traut

Magdalena Trant

Heinrich Holzappel, 

Johannes Gumre (d. 5.16.1738, a tailor, came with P. Becker, 1719, purchased 82 a. from John Cunrads fronting Wissahickon, Jan. 1719-20. 3 children, Johannes, lived on Wiss. Land, , David, lived on Gmntwn Pke land, and Catherina, Mm. William Johnson.

Anna Gumre

Stephan Koch

Jacob Koch

Johannes Hildebrand

Maria Hildebrand

Daniel Ritter

Georg Balser Gansz

Johanna Gansz

Johannes Preisz (GSP p. 91, n. 30 – according to Isaac N. Urner, Johannes was the son of Jacob Priesz who settled on the Indian Creek.)

Johannes Kampfer


(p. 93) Six postulants now presented themselves and asked to be baptized…

Martin Urner

Catherina Urner

Heinrich Landes and wife

Friedrich Lang

Johannes Mayle


(p. 101)  Upon this occasion (Saturday November 7, 1724) was organized the Coventry Brethren Church, of which Martin urner was made preacher. The following nine persons were the constituent members:

Martin Urner

Catherine Reist Urner (his wife)

Daniel Eicher and wife

Henrich Landes and wife

Peter Höffly

Owen longacre (sic)

Andrew Sell

(p. 131-2)  Subscribers to An Appendix to the Confession of Faith of the Christians called Mennonists, Philadelphia: Printed by Andrew Bradford in the year 1727. 


Jacob Gaedtschalck  Canestogie

Henry Kolb Hans burgholtzer

Martin Kolb Christian Heer

Claes Janson Benedict Hirchi

Michael Ziegler Martin Bear

Johannes BowmanGermantown Great Swamp

John Gorgas Velte Clemer

John Conerads Manatawny

Glaes Rittinghausen Daniel Langenecker 

Jacob Beghtly


(p.175) In October, 1730, Beissel and a number of his followers planned a visitation to Falkner Swamp. After their arrival there meetings were held at different houses. As soon as news of this incursion came to Germantown a number of the Becker party, headed by Alexander Mack and Becker, started for Falkner Swamp. A meeting had been called at the house of Johann Senseman, and when it was well under way, while the worshipers were at silent prayer, , the door was suddenly opened, and the Germantown party, headed by Mack, rushed into the room…


(p. 215) When he (Conrad Beissel) heard that they had come (Schwenkfelders, 1734),  he with several of the solitary brethren, made a pilgrimage to the jorth and east of the Cocalico, giving especial attention to the Perkiomen country…One of these revival meetings was held at the house of Leonard heidt at Oley. His daughter, Maria, a beautiful young girl, just budding into womanhood, became so affected by Beissel’s preaching…she followed them to the Cocalico…


(p.424) These gatherings (at Christpher Wiegner’s in Skippsck) resulted in the organization of a religious society irrespective of any denominational creed, uner the name Vereinigte Skippack Brüder…Heinrich Frey, Johann Kooken, Georg merkel, Christian Weber, Johann Bonn, Jacob Wenzen, Jost Schmidt, Wilhelm Bossen, Jost Becker of Skippack, Henry Antes, Wilhelm Frey, George Stiefel, Heinrich Holstein, Andrew Frey of Frederick Township, Matthias Gemaehle and Abraham Wagner of Matetsche, Jean bertolet, Franz ritter and Wilhelm Pott of oley, Johann bechtel, Johann adam Gruber, Blasius mackinet and Georg benzel of Germantown. 



Bardo genealogical papers (AC# 3.45)


  1. 2) Martin Bitting (printed Beiting) owned 100 acres of land in Hanover Township in 1734, and he bought a number of tracts afterward. He was a miller. At his death, about the beginning of 1756, he owned 307 acres and 150 perches, in New Hanover Township. His wife Margaret, and five children -  named Ludowick (Ludwig) Catherine, Sophia, Adam and Anthony – survived him. 


John Henry Bitting (otherwise Henry Bitting) lived near Sackung (Saucon) in Upper Milford township, Northampton (Now Lehigh) county, and died on the 3rd of December 1747; leaving a wife, Catherine, and two children. His daughter Catherine was afterwards the wife of Frederick Laubach. 

Ludwig Bitting lived in Lower Milford township, Bucks County. According to an instrument of writing, in 1749, his wife was Sevina, daughter of Rev.John Philip Boehm, but accoding to his will, written in 1771, his wife’s given name was Elizabeth, leading to th supposition that he married twice. Lodowick Beeing was a member of the Assembl for Northampton County ,y 1758-9 & 60. He died about the beginning of 1776. His children were – Ludwig, Henry Antony, Philip, Peter, Mary wife of Andrew Graver, Elizabeth, wife of Gabriel Kline, Mary Catherine, and Christina, wife of Franz Leydich. 


Jost (or Joseph) Bitting was a resident of new Hanover Township. He was married to Agnes Dodderer of Falkner Swamp. They had eleven children. Henry, Joseph,, peter, Sophia, Rebecca, Mary, Catherine, Anna, John, Ludwig and Philip. In 1743, Jost Bitting united with the Moravians; but he probably returned to the Reformed Church, with which his descendants are connected to this day. Jost Bitting was born on July 13, 1713, and died December 25, 1801. Agnes his wife, was born February 14, 1727, and died November 2, 1785. Both are bired in Leydich’s private burial ground, in Frederick township, Montgomery Co., Pa.


  1. 3-4) From “The Pennsylvania German Society Historical events” p. 184-5, a description of a 29th April 1728 petition for protection from the Indians to the then governor of pennsylvania…signed by two men from each of the Antes and Bitting families (Frederick Antos and his son Johann Heinrich Antes, and Heinrich Bitting and his oldest son, Martin Bitting. 


The second petition written nearly eight years later, is somewhat better written, having some regard for punctuation, etc. but the names of the signers are far less legible than those of the former.


“To the Honorable Patrik Gordon \Esqr. Governor of the Privince of pennsylvania &c.

This Petition of the Frontier inhabitants of ye Country of Philadelphia humbly Sheweth

Whereas your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Hon. Would be Pleased To Take or use Such Meaures with ye Indians That Your petitioners may be Freed From Those Alarms, for Yet we are Informed That The Indians are Consulting Measures Against us. We Hope Your Honor will Comply With Our Humble Request To prevent as Well our Fears and Danger. Andy Your petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray &ca, April ye 29th

Samuel Adams, Christian Aigs, John Aister, Fridrich Antes, Henrich Antes, Henrich H.

Bitting, Martin Bitting,  John Bohner, Jacob Colter, John David, Isaac Dubois, Elliot

Evans,Wendel Fry,  Jonathan Brooke, Johannes Eschbach, Georg Geiger, Valentine

 Geiger,  Thomas Hauer, Anthony Henkel, Gerhardt Henkel, Nichlos Hicks, Georg Hollenbach, Richard Jacob, John Kendall, John Mak, Christian Manschmid, Ed. Nicholas, Matthias Otto, Adam Ox, Jno. Pawling, John Phillips, Hendrich Pielers, Jacob Peterson, Peter Peterson, Fridrich Reichardt, John Reichelsdorfer, Bastean Reifschneider, John Renberg, Miles Ringer, Martin Schenk, Adam Schlonacker, Michael Schmidt, Johannes Schneider, Daniel Schoner, Casimir Schreiber, Conrad Schreiber, Christopher Wittman, Jonathan Woodle, William Woodle, Martin Zentler, 


Donald F. Durnbaugh

Fruit of the Vine, Elgin Ill: Berthren Press 1997


  1. 114) Brethren were represented (in the Vereinigte Skippack Bruder)  by five persons, especially George Adam Martin, Andreas Frey and Joseph Müller; the last two named took leading roles.


Descendants of Jacob Markley of Skippack. Pub. By The Markley Freundschaft, 1884.

Bedminster, Pa: Adams Apple press, 1991


  1. 5) In 1734, Jacob Markle is reported as a taxable of Perkiomen and Skippack township, 4 cjildren under 21. Children: Abraham, b. 1723, Married Barbara Ickes,  Philip, b.1725, Married Mary Johnson,  ---, died in infancy,  Isaac, b. 1729, George Adameronica, married George Schwenck, blacksmith, Frederick twp. Rebecca, married Frederick Isaac (or Isett), Christina, b. 1736, Married William Antes, Frederick Twp., Eleanor, b, 1741, married Tobias Boganer, Elizabeth, married Paulus Benner, mary Magdalena, b. 1744, Barbara, b. 1746, Married John Smith, Hannah,.