Quilting: Then and Now

Linda Szapacs

Thursday October 17, 2019

7:30pm Red Men's Hall, Green Lane PA

Noted Quilter and Goschenhoppen Historians member, Linda Szapacs, will present a beautifully illustrated program with historic quilts from her own and the Historians’ collection and modern quilts of her own and other contemporary quilters.  She will explore the roots of quilt making and early and more recent methods and materials. Many quilts, new and old will be on display. Linda is a talented teacher and weaves an interesting story.

As always, there is no fee to attend and light refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the evening’s program. Further information at 215-234-4119


Past Programs

Hiwwe wie Driwwe

An exploration of the Roots of our Pennsylvania Dutch Culture

Thursday September 19, 2019

7:30pm Red Men's Hall, Green Lane PA


The September meeting of the Goschenhoppen Historians will feature part 1 of a documentary film exploring the roots of our Pennsylvania Dutch culture and language in the Palatinate region of southwestern Germany.  Inspired by Berks County native, and folk musician, Doug Madenford’s quest for his roots, German film makers Benjamin Wagener and Christian Schega produced a documentary film, “Hiwwe wie Driwwe,” loosely translated as: Over Here the same as Over There.

Narrated by Doug Madenford, the film explores current Pennsylvania Dutch culture and language in southeastern Pennsylvania and regional language and culture in the Palatinate, finding large similarities despite some 300 years of separation.  The film briefly details the genesis of the migration of many Germanic subjects to the Pennsylvania wilderness in the early 18th century and the endurance of the folk culture they brought with them that created what came to be called Pennsylvania Dutch, both culture and language.

Filmed in both Germany and America with subtitles in English when Dutch or German is spoken, it shows an interesting amalgam of cultural endurance and evolution.  At 91 minutes long it will be shown over two Historians’ meetings, the first in September, and the final segment in November. Join us on Thursday evening September 19, 2019 at 7:30 PM at the Historians’ headquarters in Red Men’s Hall, 116 Gravel Pike (Route 29), in Green Lane.  As always, there is no fee to attend and light refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the evening’s program. Further information at 215-234-4119


June On-Site Meeting: 1736 Antes House


Bob Wood

Thursday, June 20th, 7:00pm (note on site meetings begin earlier to maximize daylight)

Antes Plantation, Frederick, PA

Our June monthly meeting is always one to look forward to! This year's on-site meeting is at our own Henry Antes House. The main level of the house is open during our Annual Folk Festival but this is a rare chance to tour the house from top to bottom. There is no electricity in the house so be sure to bring a flashlight. Free and open to the public.

NOTE: this event is not at Red Men's Hall - it is at the Antes Plantation, 318 Colonial Road, Perkiomenville.



Fraternal Societies:  Providing Valuable Services


Ed Johnson

Retired teacher and President of the Goschenhoppen Historians

Thursday, May 16th, 7:30pm

Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA


Who was Henry Antes and why is he important in the history of the Goschenhoppen Region?

Bob Wood’s illustrated talk will develop the story of the Antes family in Germany and in early Pennsylvania. For the past fifty years, the Goschenhoppen Historians have devoted themselves to restoring the 1736 Henry Antes House and plantation in Upper Frederick Township, presently the site of the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival. Thanks to their efforts the house is now a National Historic Landmark. Much of his presentation will deal with the architecture and restoration of the Antes House. Few people in the very early Germanic settlement of Southeastern Pennsylvania (before 1750) were more noteworthy than Henry Antes for his work with religious, civic, and economic development of the region.

Bob Wood

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Red Men's Hall

216 Gravel Pike, Green Lane, PA


The Story Within Annie Funk's 1909 Page-A-Day Calendar:

In 1908 the Mennonite community sent a 1909 Page-A-Day Calendar to Annie Funk, serving as a missionary in India.  Each of the days was inscribed with a message of some sort from family and friends in the Hereford/Bally area of Goschenhoppen.  

Bob Gerhart

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA

Hessian Soldiers In The American Revolution

Michael Jesberger

February 21st, 2019

Military historian Michael Jesberger will present a program on “British and Hessian Prisoners In Pennsylvania” at the February meeting of the Goschenhoppen Historians. His presentation will feature reproduction Hessian uniforms and equipment, journals, and eyewitness accounts to bring to life the experiences of British and German P.O.W.s held in southeastern Pennsylvania.



Christmas Meeting

December 20th,

Joshua Fink

Wetzel’s Mill Restoration and Museum Project: Illustrated presentation of the past, present, and future of the Wetzel Mill on Unami Creek.

Don Orcutt  

Thursday, October 18, 7:30 pm

Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA,


Late 18th Century In the Goschenhoppen Region Seen Through Recently Translated Blacksmith and Mercantile business Records

Robert Wood

Thursday, September 20, 2018, 7:30pm

Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA

Early History of Old Goschenhoppen Church As Seen Through Manuscript Records of the Church and the Gaugler Family

Thursday April 19th, 2018

Del-Louise Moyer

A historian and Fraktur specialist

7:30 pm, Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA


The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road:

Indian Trail to Highway of the New Republic


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ed Johnson

Retired History Teacher and President of the Goschenhoppen Historians

7:30 pm, Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA

How the Pretzel Survived Prohibition and Other Twisted Tales.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Candace Perry

Curator of Collections, Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center

7:30 pm, Red Men's Hall, Green Lane, PA

Bakeovens In The Goschenhoppen Region

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bob Wood

December 21st

Christmas Traditions on Vintage Postcards

Aaron Heckler

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January 18th

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