Inside the 1736 Henry Antes House

June 20, 2019

7:00 pm

Bob Wood’s excellent presentation at the April meeting: “Who Was Henry Antes and Why Is He important In the History of the Goschenhoppen Region?” provided the impetus for choosing our very own Henry Antes House as this year’s on-site location. A surprise takeaway from the April meeting was how many of the large turnout, Goschenhoppen Historians’ members and non-members alike, had not been inside the Antes house or had not ventured beyond the first floor. Bob’s description of the house and its iconic architecture whetted people’s appetite to see “under the stairs and behind the screens.”

Accordingly, Bob and members of the Antes House committee will conduct tours of the house from the basement up to the second attic without the house being “dressed up” as it would be for the annual Folk Festival. There may be restoration work in progress at that time and necessary 21st-century containers and other necessary evils may be present, but the amazing bones of the structure will all be on view and one or more of the original restoration crew may also be on hand to explain how the Antes house, built in 1736 and extensively modified in the 20th century, was returned to its original form and condition.  As there is no electric lighting throughout the house, the visit and tours will start at 7:00 pm, earlier than the usual meeting start time, to maximize daylight. Those who want to see all house details are urged to bring a strong flashlight for peering into ar-eas with little or no natural light. Parking is available on the graveled trail beyond the house, across the road in front of the stage area, and between the large barn and food service building off of Hildebeidel Road. Snacks and drinks will be available in the “good room” at the end of the evening to facilitate conversation and camaraderie, and to close out the 2018-2019 program year.


318 Colonial Road, Perkiomenville PA

On the grounds of the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival