Antes Garden 2013

The Antes Garden

Winter 2015


Shown below are photos from the Antes Garden as it progresses from early spring soil preparation and planting to harvesting of the many food and medicinal plants grown there.


While the Kitchen Garden is a year-round endeavor, one of its principal functions is to serve as a demonstration of mid-eighteenth century Goschenhoppen region gardening practices and plants during the Folk Festival in early August. To that end, typical planting schedules are modified to bring the Garden to a state of abundant beauty at Festival time.


As the Garden grows, please check back often to follow its progress.

Digging Bed 2013

Late March – turning the raised beds

Planting 2013

April – planting peas. Note use of planks to avoid compressing soil in raised beds

Tulipa Sylvestris 2013

Mid April – these primitive tulips were brought by first German settlers

Orach and Onions 5-26-13

Mid May - Spring Onions and Orach, an heirloom, spinach-like salad green

Young Pea Vines Carla Hausman

Mid May – peas are starting to climb on brush supports

Bleeding Heart Mid May

Mid May – Bleeding Heart in bloom.  Beauty, “just for so.”


Mid May – Mustard, spicy salad green

Peas 5-26-13

Late May - Pea Vines Starting to Climb Brush

Hops Pole  Valerian in Bloom 5-26-13

Late May - Hops Pole, Valerian in Bloom






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