July 28, 2014

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The Folklife Museum and Library, and the Country Store at Red Men's Hall, Routes 29 and 63 in Green Lane, PA, are opening for the season on April 7.  They are open from April through October, except for holidays.  The hours are Sundays from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm.


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Folk Festival


We look forward to seeing you for the 48th Folk Festival on August 8th and 9th, 2014.


The Goschenhoppen Historians have adopted the theme "Am butze, immer am butze" (Cleaning always cleaning) to center this years 48th Folk Festival around, on Friday August 8 and Saturday August 9, 2014.  Click here to watch the new video of last year's Folk Festival.

The Festival takes many, many hours of preparation each year.  Here are some pictures of the Wheat Harvest, where a group of volunteers gather and tie-off wheat bundles, which are used during the Festival by the demonstrators.

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20140705 180101
20140705 180053

20140705 180135

20140705 180123
20140705 180208


20140705 180228

The beauty of the Antes Plantation, with its 18th century restored four-story stone home, is the back-drop that is conducive to the authentic interpretation of the Pennsylvania German folk culture and is the ideal location to continue the tradition of the Folk Festival.



Since 1966, The Goschenhoppen Folk Festival has showcased the trades and home skills of the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, over 500 costumed volunteers recreate kitchens, parlors, trade shops, and itinerants to bring to life the hands-on skills from the past.


This family friendly event provides not just an exceptional educational experience, but also gives the

children an opportunity to try first hand the pleasantries of a former time. Dipping candles, creating a rag doll, petting a calf, sampling potato candy, or rolling a barrel hoop bring a sure smile.  Moms and Dads will find a new appreciation of the appliances and gadgets that fill homes and garages today when the labor to make dinner or furnish a home in times past is demonstrated: blacksmiths, tinsmiths and whitesmiths sweat over the forges, farmers hoist heavy loads of grain into the horse operated fanning mill, and women make every meal from scratch. Needle workers show the painstaking process of garment construction – starting with the flax seed to the hemming of a linen shirt with all the steps in between.


The annual Goschenhoppen Folk Festival is always held in August on the 2nd Saturday and the Friday before. It is a non-commercial family oriented day in Goschenhoppen. Old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch foods are for sale on the festival grounds. Volunteers, dressed in authentic costumes of the periods, use authentic tools in recreating traditional home skills, trades, pastimes, foods, and folk music. Stage programs and lectures, scholarly and entertaining, serious and humorous, in the PA Dutch dialect and in English, are presented throughout the day.


Since 1977 a Student Apprentice Program has introduced and educated countless numbers of school children to the traditional ways of Goschenhoppen. These young apprentices are included each year in festival activities.


Nothing has been left out to make your visit one that the entire family will enjoy. Fantastic foods are available to satisfy every appetite, ample seating under shade trees abounds and a new appreciation of our ancestors is priceless for all. For more information click here or call 215-234-8953.


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